Why people choose the SAMMIC UX-50B

Saves Electricity
Better for the environment and better for your bank balance.
Saves Water
Modern technology and good quality detergents reduces water usage.
Easy to Use
An extremely simple and intuitive display panel makes usage a breeze.
Durable & Reliable
High quality European manufacturing with locally stocked spare parts.

Key Features

The SAMMIC UX-50B is packed full of features and benefits, but for most businesses its really about loading space, productivity, and cost savings through reduced water and electricity usage. The SAMMIC UX-50B provides exceptional performance in all of these areas.

Lots of loading space

  • Our new dishwashers have been designed to increase loading capacity without increasing the overall size of the machine.

  • Our new dishwashers have been designed to increase loading capacity without increasing the overall size of the machine.


Hydroblade arms

  • Our state of the art Hydroblade Arms dramatically reduce water and electricity consumption.

  • 30% less water consumption during rinsing.

  • 40% lighter for faster rotation to generate a consistently powerful water jet.

Inside Dishwasher

3-stage filter system

  • Our progressive filter system helps trap even the smallest dirt to help keep the wash water in optimum condition throughout the day.

  • It helps prevent clogging in the tubes, protects the wash pump, and improves the durability and reliability of the machine.

  • All 3 filters can be easily dissembled manually, making for easy cleaning.

Dishwasher System

Technical specifications

Basket dimensions: 500 mm x 500 mm
Maximum glass height: 380 mm
Cycle duration: 90/110/120/180/240
Production baskets/hour: 40/33/30/20/15
Boiler capacity: 8l
Wash tank capacity: 15l

Consumption and savings
Water consumption/cycle: 2.5l
Automatic saving mode in: 25′
Automatic switch-off: 120′


  • Pump: 750 W / 1 Hp
  • Tank: 1800 W
  • Boiler: 5000 W
  • Total loading: 5750 W

Electrical supply: 230V/50Hz/1

External dimensions (WxDxH)

  • Width:580 mm
  • Depth: 635 mm
  • Height: 835 mm

Net weight: 58 Kg Noise level (1m.):<69 dB(A)

Crated dimensions
Gross weight: 65 Kg

SAMMIC UX-50B Technical Drawing

Why SAMMIC & Sobre Solutions?

SAMMIC is a leading European manufacturer of high quality commercial dishwashers with over 50 years of experience in the industry. The machines are fitted with the latest washing technologies and a simple, intuitive design for easy use.
  • High quality European products.
  • Simple and intuitive design.
  • Energy and water efficient.
  • Enhanced loading for maximum washing space.
  • Built to last with easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Professional, well-trained technicians.
  • Spare parts locally stocked.
  • Direct supplier of high-quality detergents.

High quality detergents

  • Adjusted to work perfectly with your SAMMIC dishwasher our high quality and affordable detergents provide a high concentration level and exceptional cleaning results.
  • With less detergent required per wash, you are able to reduce your operating costs.
  • Lower quality detergents can increase water usage, cause potential damage to your machine, and may result in poorer quality cleaning of your items.
Sobre Solutions Dishwasher Detergents


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